Colouring in help?

So I'm going back and colouring a few comics from years back for a thing. These are a little test from More Awesomeness and I'm trying to figure out which I prefer.
The scribbly shading on the top one is on the original pages (this was a 24 hour comic) and unfortunately has to stay.
With the second one I went a little smudgy trying to get a Little Golden Book feel but I'm worried it just looks dirty.
It's late and my peepers are tired, so any thoughts?

Bloggin' about bloggin'

So I didn't post my two previous Comics Faces here because livejournal wouldn't load at the time. I never whined about how dead it is here now because it was still pretty handy for me but lately it's been the worst.

I imagine i'll still post some doodles here (I haven't found a good alternative yet) but the new Comics Face is always here:
Archived here:
and i'll always let you know when it's updated at
the facebook page:
and on my G+:
That's FOUR different places so don't even worry about it.